Online Workshop: How to Give a Public Talk on Feldenkrais® (for Practitioners/Students)/Improve Public Speaking

Build your practice using public talks.  This practical workshop on How to give a Public Talk about Feldenkrais® is offered in two versions each recorded and edited one year apart. Each 90 minute workshop is designed for Feldenkrais practitioners and students in Feldenkrais training programs to refine practical skills how to engage a public audience about the Feldenkrais Method®, what it is & practical demonstration of short ATM and FI.  Watch a short video excerpt of our latest workshop.

Both workshops (divided into 5 video links) have different content, different ATM lessons  and FI demos and tips presented by Annie Thoe, GCFP, Assistant Trainer and Carrie Lafferty, PT, GCFP, Master Qi Gong Teacher.  Both practitioners have given countless public talks and workshops over their combined 64 years of private practice and teaching.

You will learn tips gleaned from decades of experience on how to have successful talks on Feldenkrais®, how to engage your audience and what pitfalls to avoid with the public.   This material has been honed into a packed presentation and can be an essential tool to build your practice as well as public speaking skills.

With your purchase, you will receive 5 links to view these two workshops as well as downloadable notes from Annie and Carrie on how to organize a public talk and a sample talk outline.

Instruction on:
1. How to organize a successful public talk
2. How to Build confidence for public speaking
3. Targeting your audience
4. How to engage your audience
5. How to talk about the Feldenkrais Method®, principles, the founder
6. How to teach effective, short ATMs – suggested ATMS
7. How to give effective, short FI demos – suggested FIs
8. Working with the general public – working with medical questions, what to avoid with ATM & demos, Q&A from practitioners

Sliding Scale Fee (choose one below according to your needs):  We are providing this service (at a very affordable fee and thank you for your financial support!) to practitioners & students to build confidence to present talks to promote your private practice, enlist clients to classes and also increase more general public attendance.

Pay $18

Pay $28

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Annie Thoe, GCFP, Assistant Trainer,
Carrie Lafferty, GCFP, PT,

Annie Thoe, GCFP, Assistant Trainer

Carrie Lafferty, GCFP, PT

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