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Annie Thoe, GCFP is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® and Nature Awareness Teacher.  She has taught bodywork and self-awareness for over 35 years, including advanced kinesiology and clinical massage therapy.  She teaches online classes, leads nature retreats, writes and produces guided audio series and video lessons (Sensing Vitality Youtube Channel and Patreon) to enhance vitality, self-awareness and ease in one’s body.

Her work combines sensory learning with nature awareness in a wide range of services: effective healing for chronic injuries, freedom from restrictive habits, and improving inner guidance and flow in one’s life.

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Feldenkrais Lesson with Annie ThoeAnnie draws her inspiration from her experience and study in nature, movement, healing modalities, dreamwork, meditation, martial arts, music and play.  Prior to teaching Feldenkrais, Annie taught clinical massage, advanced kinesiology and supervised student massage clinics for 7 years at Seattle Massage School. She has served as the President of the Board of Trustees for the Wilderness Awareness School and a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School’s Residential Naturalist Anake Program (now called “The Immersion Program”) and their Wildlife Tracking Program. She has a private practice in Seattle with clients in person on Mondays and Wednesdays, occasional Thursdays and also works online.  She teaches online classes on Tuesdays at 9am PDT.

I believe nature and my body are the greatest teachers and healers. I began studying the Feldenkrais Method® in 1984 to heal a chronic injury that limited my walking and many activities. The combination of Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness opened many doors to a vibrant way of life.

My work today is informed from my love of nature and the power of awareness to fully experience this moment.  Everything needed for direction and healing is reflected in my body as well as the messages from the sun, earth, wind, water, trees, birds and animals.

As human beings, I feel we each have a unique gifts to share. My work is about guiding people in retreat or private lessons to access their gifts and connect deeply to their bodies wisdom, the intelligence in nature and the beauty around them.  This whole-brain, whole-body experience moves people beyond sensed limitations toward growth, self-expression and freedom.
– Annie Thoe, GCFP

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Annie is also available for long-distance consultation and lessons via phone or zoom.

Suite 114, 6869 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle 98115

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Articles about Annie Thoe’s work


“With all gratitude and respect for Annie Thoe. My guide for this Shapeshifting Retreat, and one of the most grounded teachers I’ve ever met in body work, wilderness awareness, guided meditation and more. Thank you, Thank you, Annie.”
– Cyndi L, from Shapeshifting Retreat 2015

“Annie Thoe is a gifted teacher. Her skillful weaving of Feldenkrais movement practices, nature awareness, and earth-based spiritual connection helped me dive into deep places in my body, heart, and spirit. After attending her “Walking In Balance” workshop, I came home feeling more balanced in my body and in my connections with nature and all of life. I will definitely be coming back to glean more wisdom from her and the wonderful community that are led to gather with her.  (I’d also like to mention that the food at Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center is to-die-for.)”
– Linda Langford, LMP after Walking in Balance Retreat 2015

I cannot say enough about Annie Thoe as a teacher. She is an extrordinary practitioner and human being. I can safely say that your life, body and view of the world and your environment will change after attending one of her retreats or working with her in private lessons.
– Claire Gipson, Massage Practitioner

I highly recommend Annie for her skill and passion for her work, as well as her compassion not only for her clients but for all of nature that surrounds us. She has taught me how to ‘get out of my head’ and into my body.
– Tanja R., Architect

Annie is a truly gifted healthcare practitioner.  She is always very aware of the physical and emotional needs of her clients and is highly intuitive and creative in her work.  Annie is caring, has impeccable integrity, and is someone I have come to trust and admire greatly inhelping me deal with the shortcomings of my body’s structure and functionality.
– Alana N., Business Owner

I’ve had pain in every part of my hips and after your last Feldenkrais class with hips, my hips are pain free!  I can’t believe how light on my feet I feel.
– J.W., Whidbey Island

Annie Thoe is an insightful teacher, knowledgable, empowering and positive. Her knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method® is both deep and wide; if you have the opportunity to work with her — take it.
– Meriah Kruse, Feldenkrais Practitioner, author and presenter

Annie Thoe was my introduction to the Feldenkrais Method back in 1998- after trying all the traditional western treatments, some more than once….making no progress. Within the first session I could see a way out of the debilitating chronic back pain I had been living with for years. Annie’s teaching was intuitive, insightful, and informed from a great deal of experience and education. I felt supported and cared about from a deep and gentle kindness. I have had the pleasure of taking multiple Feldenkrais professional education classes and retreats from her and she has an exceptional way of teaching and imparting her knowledge that draws you in.
– Mary Klueber, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Physical Therapy Assistant

There are only a few people I trust to work with me, and Annie is one of them. As a fellow professional, I know she possesses exceptional skills and a thorough knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method. As a recipient of her work, all I can say is YAHOO!!
– Michael Wolk, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Physical Therapist

Annie comprehends the difficult and makes it simple and functional.  She meets each person where they enter the room and opens doors for greater attention to their potential.  Annie is a practitioner of excellence. She is one of my all time favorites.
– Nancy Haller, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Author, Teacher

I highly recommend Annie’s work to anyone recovering from an injury or a surgical procedure, or just years of bad body habits. She is an expert on re-aligning and re-training the body into better function.  In 2000, I was hit by a car and was on crutches for three months. After weeks of PT, I found my natural balance was so far gone, it felt like it would take me another year or longer to ever walk normal again. But after five visits (it’s usually six sessions, but travel plans cut it short), I felt a hundred times better! I could put weight on my injured leg much more easily, and I truly felt balance had been restored. I could feel my foot not as a lump at the end of my leg, but as a freely moving, functioning sensory aware appendage. All better!
– Michele Cacano-Green, LMP, Writer

Annie is a talented practitioner, teacher and mentor.  She brings extensive knowledge and experience from different disciplines which she applies with creativity in her work. She gave me the confidence to be more creative in my own work and get out of my comfort zone in order to grow.
– Flaminia Cohen, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Psychotherapist

This work is an ongoing blessing in my life.  I’ve lived with cerebral palsy and am on my last couple of weeks with the Expand Your Breathing Audio Series [1st Edition]…It’s been a phenomenal couple of months!…I can’t tell you when I’ve felt better, been more active, been in better spirits, learned more about myself – or had more fun (I’ve been also adapting the floor lessons to sitting.)
-N. D., Pennsylvania

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