Feldenkrais for Health and Vitality:

What is the Feldenkrais Method®? How Feldenkrais Works in 3 Principles, Revised 2022

A Vision Quest for Development: The Case of Phillip:  Feldenkrais Journal 2019, pg. 50-62

Guidelines for Functional Activities for People with Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury based on the Feldenkrais Method®

Helping People Learn to Help Themselves is the reward for local Feldenkrais® Practitioner
by Deborah Stone, Staff Writer, Woodinville Weekly 2007

(article about Annie’s Thoe’s practice, background and explains the Feldenkrais Method®)

Injury Prevention, Healing, and Alignment for RunnersFeldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2016

The Art of Survival: Becoming Hungry to Learn, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2016

Putting the Potency of Our Roots into Practice, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2013

Welcome to The World of Conscious Living, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2002

Escaping Good Posture, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2001

Nature Medicine and Feldenkrais writing:

Life Lessons in Vulnerability, Rumblestrips Magazine, Oct. 2016

Bird Medicine:  Gathering Insight, Rumblstrips Magazine,, Jan 2016

Timeless Medicine From the Owl, Rumblstrips Magazine,, 2015

Open the Door, Rumblstrips Magazine,, 2015

Hunter’s Moon, Soundings Review – Essay Winner of Founder’s Circle Award, 2012

Nature Medicine Stories/Newsletters

August 2019: Conversing with Rocks and Divas

June 2019 Seeing Trees: Inner and Outer Landscapes

April 2019: Move like the Deer

February 2019: Letting Go- Dog Medicine Blessings

November 2018: Coyote Style

October 2018: Octopus Reflections

August 2018: Horse Power and Power Posture

May 2018: Buoyancy and Dog Medicine

January 2018: – Working with your Inner Rabbit

December 2017: – Little Fish/Big Fish Lessons

October 2017: Bear and Mouse Lessons

June 2017: Moth Lessons

Jan. 2017: Monkey Medicine

Dec. 2016: Bright Heart

Nov. 2016: Vision in the Dark

Oct. 2016: Wild Bill Wisdom

July 2016: Nudged to Inner Guidance

May 2016: Attunement

April 2016: Flower Power

Jan. 2016: Call of the Birds

Nov. 2015: Rat Eyes

Oct. 2015:  Buffalo Story on Power

Sept. 2015:  On Balance: Insight From a Spider

July 2015: 4 Simple Insights on Balance

May 2015: Medicine Story about Trees

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