Feldenkrais® & Health

Feldenkrais® Articles:

About Feldenkrais:
A Vision Quest for Development: The Case of Phillip:  
Feldenkrais Journal 2019, pg. 50-62

What is the Feldenkrais Method® How it Works, Rumblstrips Magazine, Rumblestrips.com, Jan 2016

Helping People Learn to Help Themselves is the reward for local Feldenkrais® Practitioner
by Deborah Stone, Staff Writer, Woodinville Weekly 2007
(article about Annie’s Thoe’s practice, background and explains the Feldenkrais Method®)

Welcome to The World of Conscious Living, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2002

The Art of Survival: Becoming Hungry to Learn, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2016

Putting the Potency of Our Roots into Practice, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2013


Escaping Good Posture, SenseAbility, Feldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2001

Running: Injury Prevention & Knees

Injury Prevention, Healing, and Alignment for RunnersFeldenkrais Guild Newsletter, 2016

Stroke & TBI:

Guidelines for Functional Activities for People with Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury based on the Feldenkrais Method®

Whiplash Recovery: 

Finding my body with Annie Thoe and the Feldenkrais Method® by Drew Biel, LMP, Author

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