Self-Help Video Lessons for Optimal Health

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Short Explanation of How the Feldenkrais Method® Works

Lesson Categories: (some lessons overlap areas)

Back & Hips:  REST and Comfort POSITIONS when in pain
 Healing Rest for Back & Hip Pain (1), Healing Rest for Back & Hip Pain (2)

Aligning Back to Relieve Back & Hip Pain
Best Knee, Hip & Back Relief Lesson
(Tilting Backward/Forward while Sitting)
Quick Relief for Back & Hip Pain, Lesson 1
Quick Relief for Back Pain for Computer & Driving
Alignment Lesson to Relieve Low Back Pain
Stability in Walking with Hip Injury, Replacement & Groin Injury Part 1 , Part 2
Talk:  The Spine as The Tree of Life
 (teaching from nature awareness)

Neck Pain & Whiplash, Head Injury
Quick Relief for Whiplash or Head Injury,

Ankle and Knee: Alignment Tools
Ankle Stability for Better Balance (1), Ankle Stability for Better Balance (2)
Best Knee, Hip & Back Relief Lesson (Tilting Backward/Forward while Sitting)

Breathing, Reducing Anxiety & Clearing Emotions
Feldenkrais Breathing Lesson to Calm Mind & Clear Emotions
Best Way to Increase Your Breathing Capacity
Using Hands for Mental Balance and Calm Mind
Self-Massage to Clear & Refresh
Breathing Lesson: Let Go of Tension in Chest & Shoulders

Reducing Hand Tension – Feldenkrais Lesson 
Use Hands For Mental Balance and Calm Mind with Feldenkrais Method® 

Walking, Barefoot Walking, Running
Lesson#1 Barefoot Stability & Flexibility

Lesson #2 Barefoot Walking- Using Arms
Best Knee, Hip & Back Relief Lesson (Tilting Backward/Forward while Sitting)

Eye Palming for Clear Vision & Deep Relaxation


Blanket Roller Lessons:  (Do not do these lessons if you have highly unstable or loose Sacrum-Iliac joints)  These lessons can quickly reduce back and sacrum pain, sciatica, improve sitting posture, relieve back spasms.
Quick Relief for Back & Hip Pain, Lesson 1

Quick Relief for Back Pain for Computer & Driving
Ankle Stability for Better Balance (1)

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