Fluid Spine – Kelp Lessons

NEW- beginning July 5th!

Kelp is one of
the largest subcategories of seaweed that makes up our “rain forests of the sea.” This new Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness series will be helpful for fluid spine and pelvis to move with ease in all activities. 

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In the Pacific Northwest, we have a number of varieties of kelp including the bull kelp and giant kelp. This amazing algae (not a true plant) is responsible for helping our atmosphere with storing carbon and producing oxygen.  They also have a special way they attach to rocks called a “holdfast” which anchors them to the floor of the sea or ocean and extend upward resembling a leafy tree, shrub or vine. The undulating yet rooted movement of seaweed in the water can help us connect with this ancestral upright growing life form.  As we get to know more about kelp and the lessons they inspire, you will access the fluidity and freedom of your spine to the ground.

– Gentle and playful lessons to warmup your back and hips
Connect through your spine to your feet
– Comfort and ease with sitting, standing and walking
– Sense more power to “stand your ground” as well as go with the flow
– Move emotions all the way out the feet

We’ll learn more about kelp and seaweed – comparing a few different species, their role in balancing our environment and the nutrition they provide us. If you have been stuck in a pattern of pain, movement limitation or stuck thinking, this series will playfully guide you to your “holdfast” for grounding as well as freedom of movement and expression.

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