Private Feldenkrais Lessons


annie thoe lessonsIndividual Feldenkrais lessons are the fast-track to meet your specific goals for  healing, wellness and mastery. Private lessons also offer a “Coaching” experience to support you toward your personal goals for activities and dreams you’ve been wanting to do.

I work in person with clients in Seattle on Mondays and Wednesdays and occasional Thursdays  and also provide online-lessons and coaching as well as my on-line classes on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific Time.

On-line or phone appointments can be a helpful and effective way to go inward with guidance to develop your ability to sense yourself, your bones and alignment and cultivate tools of awareness and movement skills to improve your balance, ease and self-care. I have an extensive library of video and audio lessons to augment your learning on my Patreon site.

Contact me to schedule either in person or online appointment via Phone, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Rates are $160 per hour, $100 half-hour.  Some scholarships for those in need are available– inquire.

Payment: I accept Venmo, Zelle, Applepay, Check made to Annie Thoe or Cash.  I can do Paypal or Square with an additional $5 for processing.

My work engages the element of curiosity and joy of learning.  If you have been stuck in an area of your life or at a plateau of performance, my work will open doors of possibilities for you with long-lasting effects.  Lessons can be half-hour or hour long to address your particular needs and goals.

Results of Private Lessons:

  • annie working with womanGuidance on what you can do to help Heal, Balance and Strengthen your body and mind
  • Improve Posture, Alignment and Body Awareness
  • Address Specific and Limiting Habits of movement
  • Improve Flexbility, Stability and Coordination for safety and performance
  • Power:  Learn to become your own teacher/practitioner to make adjustments  and problem-solve your alignment, movements and actions.
  • Have Fun in the process of discovery new abilities and awareness!

Over 35+years of practice, most of my clients come from two areas of interest:

1. Healing:  Move Beyond Limitations and Habits – joint injuries and arthritis (back, neck, knee, shoulder, hand,  foot, etc.), poor posture, coordination or balance issues, stroke and neurological challenges, movement limitations, developmental issues, cerebral palsy, head injury, anxiety, depression, self-image.   Even though decreasing pain or limitation may be the original impetus for these clients, lessons are designed to help you move toward the life you want to live.
2. Improvement and Power:  Higher Performance and Creativity – i.e., Executives, Therapists, Bodyworkers, Athletes- professional and amateur, Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Actors, Writers, Artisans and Crafts people, Meditators, People wanting expanded consciousness.  If you desire to improve your swing, footwork, finesse, artistry– working with your mind-body connection gets the creative juices and problem-solving skills flowing.

annie working with manClients report their private lessons greatly helpful to reduce strain, improve self-expression and ease.

Lessons are life-changing and long-lasting.  I highly recommend committing to three lessons to work on a particular movement, activity or obstacle that has restricted you or is something you want to improve in your life.

I also love working with children and teens.  My lessons with kids are very engaging and playful, always tuned into their passions and interests that will connect functionally to movement.  

annie working with childKids are naturally creative and curious which makes learning fun and full of discovery.  If you have a child who is struggling with movement, postural issues, coordination and self-esteem, this method offers effective and long-lasting tools for success.  Sometimes a few lessons can do the trick.  For kids with severe challenges, a commitment to regular lessons will be beneficial.

Let me know if you have any questions… I also have comments from clients and colleagues about my work in my Bio Page.

Please email to schedule or call 206-271-4270. Gift Certificates available- contact me by email or phone.

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