Move with Grace:

Balance is the key to health.  Develop beautiful posture and overall graceful movement with these core-connection lessons. Excellent for anyone working on balance, posture, core power, mental and emotional neutrality and stability. Useful to improve ease and balance for walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking, dancing, yoga — any sport or hobby.

Feldenkrais lessons differ from traditional exercise by using less effort and focusing on how you make the movements.  You’ll feel stronger in your spine through better coordination with how you move.

If you have limitations or pain with any of the positions or movements, the vision or breathing lessons are very gentle and may also be a good starting place.


Agile, Graceful Movement for Walking, Running, Sports and Dance
Core support and solid footing
Emotional & Mental Balance

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CD Descriptions

1.  Cardinal Lines   (Esalen 1) 

Essential Feldenkrais lesson for core spinal alignment and tone. Improve posture & balance for walking and all activities. Lie on your back and use various movements of the 5 cardinal lines of your limbs and head.

2. Finding Center  (Esalen 2)

Find a solid “center” with your spine for better balance and core support! Lie on belly to gently align and tone your spine through lifting movements using one leg or your head with arms and other leg in various positions.

3. Turn the Spine  (AY 308)

Lengthen your spine with gentle turning for improved balance, flexibility and posture.  Lie on back with one leg long with movement variations of holding head or arms to differentiate turning the spine.

4. Move Against a Flat Plane  (AY 112)

Improve agility and core support for graceful walking, running and dancing.  Align spine and hips. Lie on back and in sitting with guided hand and foot movements against and imaginary glass plane. 

5. Lower Leg Circles  (AY 118)

Slightly more advanced lesson for aligning core & sacrum, strengthen footing and leg support. Great for agility. Lie on back and on belly positions with knees bent, moving legs in circles with various positions.

6. Stork Diagonal Balance  (AY 345)

Improve one-legged balance and leg alignment for elegant walking, running and all activities. Lie on back with sliding movements with arms overhead in various positions of bent legs, lengthening with one heel. 

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