Guidance to Begin:

This audio series guides you in building a strong foundation of vitality: the breath.   The goal is to breathe with ease and greater freedom. Feldenkrais® lessons differ from traditional exercise programs that may emphasize effort by emphasizing ease and awareness of how you move. Begin with “Lesson 1- Breathing to Your Bones” to establish a strong foundation using of skeletal awareness before doing other lessons.  If the positions or movements feel difficult, you can modify the positions to be more comfortable and make the movements smaller or do them in your imagination.  Each lesson can be repeated many times.

This Breathing series is especially calming for your nervous system for deep relaxation, rest and renewal– excellent for healing injuries, chronic disease and emotional challenges.  I recommend the Balance and Vision series as a nice companion to these lessons to work with the core of the nervous system.  If you have limitations or pain with any of the positions or movements, the vision or breathing lessons are very gentle and may be a good starting place.

Swimmers, runners, athletes in general, musicians and dancers will find these lessons especially helpful for optimal performance.

Breathing Lessons: Benefits
– Open Chest and Lungs for Deeper Breathing
– Deep Relaxation and Rest
– Vitality: more energy and endurance for all activities, especially sports and music

“This work is an ongoing blessing in my life.  I’ve lived with cerebral palsy and am on my last couple of weeks with the Breathing Audio Series…It’s been a phenomenal couple of months!…I can’t tell you when I’ve felt better, been more active, been in better spirits, learned more about myself – or had more fun (I’ve been also adapting the floor lessons to sitting.)
-N. D., Pennsylvania

To preview and purchase lessons, you can now only purchase lessons on iTunes or Amazon-  search by Annie Thoe Feldenkrais and Series Title.

Benefits and Descriptions of Audio Breathing Lessons

1.  Breathing to Your Bones   (AY 179)

Improve breathing capacity, oxygen intake and posture. Deeply relaxing and energizing, great for athletes & musicians. Lie on back with knees bent and on belly with various arm and leg positions with gentle movements.

2.Waves of Breath / Four Parts(AY 180)

Deeply calm and stabilize nervous system for better brain function and emotional balance. Lie on back with knees bent or on belly with arms in various positions and use rhythmic tapping for 4-part breath.

3. Riding Waves / Twist Spine  (AY 188)

Improve air intake with chest expansion and lengthening spine. Excellent for athletes & musicians. Lie on belly with various positions of one arm extended and with movements of head and chest with 4-part breath.

4. Expand in Six Directions  (Original A.Thoe)

Great for emotional balance, relaxation, sports and music performance. Improve chest expansion and breathing from sensing inside the lungs in six directions through head movements on back, side and belly.

5.Quick Tune-up to Expand (Original A. Thoe)

Calm emotions/mental stress, improve breathing for sports and music performance. 8-minute lesson to improve chest expansion in sitting position, using hand on chest in various positions with rhythmic breathing and counting.

6. Rhythmic Breath / All Sides (AY 187)

Expand lungs and flexibility of ribcage. Deep relaxation and ease for sports & music performance. On back, belly and sitting in various arm positions and head movements using 4-part breath.

Thank you for purchasing these lessons and for spreading the word to your friends and colleagues about my work.
– Annie Thoe

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