Head & Neck

Lighten up, free your mind:

When your head moves lighter and easier, all other movements become easier, too.   Head alignment and ease affects one’s confidence and serenity.

This series organizes the “executive functions” of your nervous system, extremely helpful for thinking, problem-solving, coordination and positive outlook.

Lesson 1- Lowering Your Head is a gentle lesson to begin organizing your head over your spine before doing other lessons.  If the positions or movements feel difficult, you can modify the positions to be more comfortable and make the movements smaller or do them in your imagination.  Each lesson can be repeated many times.  *If you feel pain or dizziness, please stop the lesson and work under the guidance a trained professional.

The Balance and Vision series complement this series. All the other series are very connected to this one.


– Ease for Turning, Bending and moving head and spine in all directions
– Clear your Mind, Lighten Emotional State
– Deep Relaxation and Rest

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CD Descriptions

1.  Lowering Your Head  (AY 5)

Uplift your head and mental outlook in a centered position. Reduce strain in neck and entire spine. Open shoulders. Sit in various positions while lowering and lifting head in guided movements to uplift your emotions and sitting posture.

2.Tracing the Perimeter (AY6)

Helpful for centered state of mind. Stabilize your head for a flexible neck and body. Move your head in a gentle circle around one finger in various positions from sitting to lying.

3. Extend Head  (AY 296)

Improve extension of neck and lighten your head with guided movement. Clear emotions and throat tension. Open your heart. Make small circles with hand on head in various positions in sitting and on belly.

4. Fluid Neck / Spanish Dancer  (AY 154)

Improve ease of turning your head, shoulders and spine to move fluidly like a Spanish dancer. Sit with legs in various positions with hands on hips with guided movements of head, shoulders, eyes.

5.Lifting Head (AY368)

Improve neck stability, tone and ease of movement in all directions. Lift your head with hand while lying in many positions: on back, side, belly.

6. Pecking (AY 129)

Improve flexibility, tone and precision of each neck vertebrae. Align head for sitting. Free up tension in your neck, shoulders and chest. Use variations of pecking movements on back, belly and sitting.

7. Rolling on Cheek (AY 25)

Improve flexibility of your upper neck and shoulders. Ease for turning your neck and side bending. On hands and knees with variations of arm and feet positions with one cheek gently rolling on floor.

8. Tilt Head Sideways (AY 1)

Improve neck flexibility with side bending, turning. Opening your chest. Improve stability and alignment of knees and ankles. Variations of moving with hand on head or overhead while side sitting.

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