Clear and Refresh:

Clear your mind and body. Access the executive function of your brain for problem-solving, deeper sleep, smoother movement, reducing pain and emotional calm. 

Improve entire brain function for greater perception, clarity, deep relaxation and lightness in your life.   Take a break in your day to refresh and clear your brain from clutter.  Like the Breathing Collection, vision lessons improve performance and ease for the entire body for sports, hobbies and work.

Lesson #1 – Tuning Eyes and Brain ” helps clear tension from all positions of the eyes.  With all Eye Lessons – be extra careful to move gently.  The muscles around the eyes are very delicate and can strain easily.  Each lesson can be repeated many times.  *If you feel pain or dizziness, please stop the lesson and work under the guidance a trained professional.

We use our eyes to organize so much of all movement, including our thoughts!  This series can deeply shift old patterns of tension and resistance in how you move and sense yourself.   If you have limitations or pain with any of the positions or movements in this series, try the Breathing lessons, Balance #1 and the Head & Neck lessons.


– Clearer and wider vision
– Smoother movement and coordination

– Emotional and mental calm, deeper relaxation for better sleep
Ease with Problem-solving, expanded awareness

For access to all these CDs as well as video lessons, check out Patreon Rockstar Membership. To preview and purchase lessons, you can now only purchase lessons on iTunes or Amazon- search by Annie Thoe Feldenkrais and Series Title.

CD Descriptions

1.  Tuning Eyes and Brain (AY 15)

Sit or lie on back with relaxed movements of eyes sensing entire shape of eyeball, tracking close and medium ranges. Improve reading clarity, peripheral vision, coordination, whiplash, neck and chronic pain.

2. Shaping Eyes to Move Smoothly  (AY 165)

Sit or lie on back, clear vision habits through relaxed movements of sensing entire shape of eyeball, tracking close and medium ranges. Improve reading, peripheral vision, coordination, whiplash, neck and chronic pain.

3.Eyes & Pearls  (AY26)

Lesson done in sitting with sliding an imaginary pearl on a string. Improve focus and balanced strength of each eye using a tracking practice. Helpful for body coordination, reading and mental clarity.

4.Bull’s Eye Focus (Thoe)

Lie and sit in many positions with eyes tracking from bridge of nose to many areas of the body and the room. Improve targeted focus, speed and peripheral vision. Helpful for body coordination, reading, sports and mental clairty.

5.Standing Eye Swing (484)

Gentle lesson mostly in standing position to improve eye-foot coordination with turning. Helpful for balance, stable walking, sports agility, chest and neck flexibility.

6. Bird Vision (Thoe)

Learn from the birds to widen and sharpen your peripheral vision while lying on back. Improve eye tracking and broaden range of field. Improve balance, attention and adaptability for walking, sports and all activities.

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