Shoulder Freedom – Bumblebee Lessons

NEW this April!

Bumblebees are so awesome! OK, we may not fly at the end of the series, but we will feel lighter!

Check out this new Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness series for loosening your shoulders and connecting to the finer vibrations of pollination as well as color, taste and smell.

You can sign up here on the form below or register on the 1st of the month at Patreon.

Bumblebees are social, communicative and essential pollinators for our survival.  How do they fly with such little wings and giant body?  We’ll learn about that as well as lighten our own shoulders in the process!  This series will help free up the chest and shoulders for more freedom of expression, play and connection with the world:

Connect your arms for ease in expression
– Relax old tension in shoulders and entire body
– Release fear
– Awaken your senses – color, smell, taste
– Open flexibility in your shoulders and neck

We’ll learn more about bumblebees – comparing a few different species like the honeybee, their unique qualities and gifts as well. If you are experiencing a shoulder limitations or pain, creative blocks, fear, grief or depression, this series will connect you to an inspirational and sweet aspect in nature.

Join me LIVE online this April on Tuesdays beginning May 10th (Four weeks)

9 am PST (Seattle time)
5:00 pm PST (Seattle time)

Register via Patreon after the 1st of the month at $40-$60 (Sliding scale for Live classes), and $25 for access to Recordings only–plus one Live Patron Gathering a month. Access to ALL past classes & CDs included in Patreon Rockstar Subscription.  Patreon’s auto monthly billing system begins on the 1st, therefore please sign up on the 1st of the month to avoid double-billing. You can join Patreon anytime and change your Patreon Tier level or end your subscription.


If you prefer to register outside of the Patreon platform, please send payment of $40-$60 for 4 classes (sliding scale) or $15 individual class to either via Venmo, ApplePay, Zelle or use Paypal below.  You can mail a check to address: 6869 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Suite 114, Seattle, Wa 98115

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