Whale Wisdom – Activate Voice and Direction









Please join me– Annie Thoe for online Feldenkrais Class working with Voice, the Core and Whale Wisdom
on Tuesdays in February 7-28th
9am-9:50am PST (check your timezone)
This month we will learn from the special gifts of the whale– both the big whales and our special orcas to engage your voice and the deep core within you. These sea mammals are so much like humans in many ways and great communicators.
Benefits of this series:
  • Activate the flow of your vitality 
  • Move your spine freely and fluidly
  • Connect to your heart and soul’s direction
  • Connect with your unique voice and “song”
  • Improve your listening skills to your body’s needs, emotions and to others
This series highlights the voice and movements from our core– how we connect with our unique voice, sense the vibrations that affect our direction in life and how to attune ourselves to the messages from deep within the body including the marrow of your bones that guide us when there are so many outer distractions. This series covers the important time of the day between waking and sleeping! 
I’m excited to learn from the whale as our mentor in this series and look forward to connecting with you.

Register either through Patreon – Rockstar LIVE or through other ways below:

If you prefer to register outside of the Patreon membership platform or Paypal, please send payment of $40-$60 for 4 classes (sliding scale) or $15 individual class to annie@sensingvitality.com either via Paypal (below) or directly to me through Venmo, ApplePay, Zelle or mail a check to address: 6869 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Suite 114, Seattle, Wa 98115

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