This page has only a brief synopsis of all offerings- for nature awareness and health retreats as well as Feldenkrais workshops.  Please click each retreat topic below for in-depth information:

3 Online Workshops:  How to Speak about Your Work with Feldenkrais® (for Feldenkrais Practitioners & Students)










One of the quickest ways to build your practice!   Learn how to engage a public audience with an “Introduction to What Is Feldenkrais®” public talk & demonstration.  Register and receive access to two 90-minute video workshops including downloadable notes and sample public talk outline as well as a third 90-minute video on “How to Speak About Your Unique Feldenkrais® Practice” presented by Annie Thoe, GCFP, Assistant Trainer and Carrie Lafferty, PT, GCFP, Master Qi Gong Teacher designed for Feldenkrais practitioners and students in Feldenkrais training programs to boost your confidence and public speaking skills.   (Register here for access to online workshops and for more details.)


btn-retreatRetreat: Vitalize in Nature

Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais & Nature Awareness Teacher offers deep immersion with nature retreats to access transformative tools within your body and the natural world.  Whether it’s healing, growth and life direction you are seeking, a guided retreat in nature is deeply nourishing.



For more information and to reserve your space, check out nature retreats:


“Bird Medicine: Vision, Voice & Wings”
to be determined
Deposit  $150


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“Tree Medicine for a Strong Backbone”
To be determined
Deposit  $150






“Shapeshifting: Tools to Navigate through Change”
to be determined
Deposit  $150

Retreat Testimonials

“With all gratitude and respect for Annie Thoe. My guide for this Shapeshifting Retreat, and one of the most grounded teachers I’ve ever met in body work, wilderness awareness, guided meditation and more. Thank you, Thank you, Annie.”
– Cyndi L, from Shapeshifting Retreat 2015

“Annie Thoe is a gifted teacher. Her skillful weaving of Feldenkrais movement practices, nature awareness, and earth-based spiritual connection helped me dive into deep places in my body, heart, and spirit. After attending her “Walking In Balance” workshop, I came home feeling more balanced in my body and in my connections with nature and all of life. I will definitely be coming back to glean more wisdom from her and the wonderful community that are led to gather with her.  (I’d also like to mention that the food at Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center is to-die-for.)”
– Linda Langford, LMP after Walking in Balance Retreat 2015

I cannot say enough about Annie Thoe as a teacher. She is an extrordinary practitioner and human being. I can safely say that your life, body and view of the world and your environment will change after attending one of her retreats.
– Claire Gipson, Massage Practitioner

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