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NEW this January!
“Lighten Head – Moon Wisdom

Get your head aligned for 2022 with this January series of Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness lessons to lighten your head, move easier within the environment and find how to work with your center of gravity for grounding.

These lessons will uplift your head and entire body to move more easily within gravitational, moon and earth forces:
Lighten your head, especially in sitting and standing
– Ease chronic neck, head and shoulder tension
– Balance Mind, Emotions & Nervous System
Connect with your center

We will work with Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness to lighten how we move with gravity. We’ll also learn a bit more about the powerful force of the moon from a nature awareness perspective. If you have felt awkward moving or dancing, this series may help align you for ease to connect with your inner center for easier rhthym.

Join me LIVE online this December on Tuesdays beginning Jan. 4th (4 weeks)

9 am PST (Seattle time)
5:30 pm PST 

Register via Patreon or $40-$60 Sliding scale for Live classes, $15 individual class, and $25 for Monthly Recordings only–plus one Live Patron Gathering a month. Access to ALL past classes & CDs included in Patreon Rockstar Subscription. You can change your Patreon Tier level or end your subscription to Patreon at any time.


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PAST SERIES – All Available on Patreon

Inner Sun: Nourish Chest & Body

These gentle lessons nourish your chest for more flexibility and power using light from the sun and fire as well as light from your heart.  So simple and profound.  We will use a candle and a chop stick or small stick throughout the series. We’ll work with movements that open your chest and spine and connect your head and heart to your hands and feet.

Build up your immune system in this time of Pandemic and for any season.
Open your chest for more energy and lightness on your feet. 
Clear emotion and free space for joy.
Stronger balance and connection with ground with feet. 
Connect with the power of the Sun!

We will work with Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness variations of the Yoga Sun Salutation in moving the life force throughout the body. We’ll also learn a bit more about the powerful force of the sun from a nature awareness perspective.

Eagle Power: Coordinating Eyes and Feet

How does it feel to see like the eagle?  Join this new Feldenkrais & nature awareness series with lessons to connect vision with our feet for ease in walking and coordinated balance. Yes, Eyes and Feet! Without good eye and foot coordination, the eagle would go hungry. And so many of you have been requesting more attention to the feet.

  • Improve confidence with balance and walking
  • Sharpen vision – both distant and far
  • Improve coordination and timing of eyes, hands and feet
  • Clear nervous system for seeing with whole body

“Inner & Outer Webs: Spider Wisdom

Spiders are amazing! In this series, we’ll learn how to apply the movements and awareness from this unique 8-legged arthropod to our lives. Similar to the bat, the spider is extremely beneficial to our survival on the planet. If you have a phobia to spiders, I hope this series helps ease that fear.

This Feldenkrais & Nature series will work with improving moving in any direction and open your connection to move from your pelvis and chest. Helpful for ease in hip joints, low back, getting up and down, and balance.

Here’s a few benefits of the Spider Series:

  • Ease to move in any direction
  • Light movement with hands, feet and walking
  • Deepen your connection to environment- webs!
  • Expand vision


“Coyote Wisdom: Keep it Simple”

Explore movements and meditations inspired from the clever coyote in this next nature awareness and Feldenkrais lesson series. This is a super fun and gentle series that helps improve walking in a remarkable way, as well as relax shoulders and spine.









Here’s a few benefits of the Coyote Series:

  • Identify mental stress and calm mind
  • Move with greatest efficiency for endurance
  • Listening skills for finding path of least resistance
  • Balanced Walking- light on feet
  • Access to your unique humor

“Bear Lessons: Core Power & Inner Guidance”









Bears have so much in common with humans. They are considered one of the most intelligent and powerful animals in the kingdom. They have many gifts with their senses, memory and ability to hibernate. We’ll explore the teachings of the bear as well as the movements and awareness we might learn from them–particularly strengthening the core.

Benefits of the Bear Series:

  • Strong hand to chest alignment for grabbing, pulling and climbing
  • Core Strength movements
  • Rolling for Fun and the Function of it!
  • Going up and down from the floor
  • Courage to go Inside for Guidance

“Hummingbird Wisdom: Vibrant Heart”









Learning awareness and movement from this smallest bird in the world with the biggest heart brings a lot of courage, stamina and agility into our lives. Their tiny bodies weighs less than a nickel. Hummingbirds are fiercely territorial, able to migrate long distances and can maneuver their wings in any direction.

Here’s a few benefits of the Hummingbird Wisdom Series:

  • Open shoulders and chest to lighten your heart
  • Ease with walking and balance
  • Connect to sweetness in Environment and Move with joy

Cat Wisdom: Self-care & Reliance”









Domestic & Wild Cats have a swagger of self-reliance. They are remarkable survivors, agile and aware. The bigger cats like the Lynx in this photo are super stealthy– one of the top predators in the world and highly adaptable in many environments.  What can cat movement and sensitivity teach us?

 Here’s a few benefits of the Cat Wisdom Series:
– Move with more flexible ribs & spine for balance
– Soft & supple feet
– Sharpen Vision, Hearing and Smell
– Connect to internal guidance
– Opening Throat/Voice- Vibrating to the Bone!

Blackbird/Robin Lessons – Open Chest & Voice

Opening your chest and accessing your voice is a doorway to vitality often increasing energy level, emotional health, creative expression, breathing and many other activities.  What better teacher for this than the American Robin and European Blackbird (Thrush family). Here’s a few more benefits of the Blackbird/Robin Series:

–  Free up chest, shoulders & neck from chronic tension
–  Open your heart for vitality & emotional clearing
–  Improve Balance, Sharpen Vision & Hearing
 to connect with your community & environment
–  Open your voice for clearing self-expression



Rabbit Wisdom – Agility to Clear Fear

Rabbits are known for their agility, bounding energy and keen awareness. This whole series will help your feet & hips– to be more supple and springy for walking, balance and jumping.
Benefits of the Rabbit Series:
–  Plucky agility with body & within environment
 – Energize your body, mind & spirit
 – Sharpen hearing & expand vision
–  Respond to fear with awareness & choices of movement

–  Connect with your community


Graceful Liftoff and Landings: Swan Wisdom 

We can learn a lot from swans to move with lightness and ease, especially getting up and down– and with walking.  This series will help organize our head, chest and tail for easier “take-off” and “landings” in our movements on the ground. This series helps with Head, neck and shoulder ease,
 – Aligning from head to tail for ease in standing, walking and lowering to the ground
–  Fine-tuning direction for navigation

–  Opening the throat, voice for clear communication
–  Working in connection with our community

Traveling Home – Salmon Wisdom:

(photo from Ecology News 10/17)

The salmon’s vitality to make the arduous journey from the ocean up rugged rivers and creeks to their spawning grounds is awesome. We can learn a lot from salmon with their core strength and will apply awareness through movement lessons to help with:
 – Spine flexibility and vitality in all directions (Head to Tail)
 – Listening with our entire body for movement direction
– Waking our sense of smell and feeling subtle movements for direction, and coming “home” to your core self and your environment.

Moving within Light & Dark- Owl Lessons:

photo credit: Moon Dickson

These online classes work with some of the best skills the owl can teach us along with awareness through movement lessons:  

 – Relax tension in neck, chest and shoulder for ease and flexibility for turning and all kinds of circular movements
 – Wide angle vision and night vision practices
–  Stillness and silent movement practices

We’ll also use Feldenkrais lessons to help connect our senses to improve our balance, sight and full-body awareness.  




Seeing in the Dark – Bat Wisdom 

photo by James Wainscoat,

These classes work relax eye tension for clearer vision in the dark and improve balance for better footing for walking into the unknown.  The bat is one of the few mammals that can fly (other than the flying squirrel which is not quite the same…) We will draw wisdom from the bat who is comfortable and agile in the dark, uses their eyes, ears and nose to navigate and is also a highly socially organized animal- something we all can use in this pandemic.

– Clear tension in your eyes and connect to your senses for better balance
– Clear footing for ease in walking and standing
– Continued lessons with Chest Flexibility
– Ease in Breathing
– Head/Neck/Chest Freedom

Open Chest/Free Shoulders – Squirrel Wisdom

With autumn and spring seasons, a healthy and mobile chest and shoulders helps our lungs and nervous system adapt to massive environmental changes.

This series features the squirrel, our spirited and plucky friend who has one of the most flexible chests and limbs in the animal kingdom.  Feldenkrais lessons will help connect mind and body to explore new connections and freedom in the chest and shoulders.

Deeply relaxing and nourishing, this series will also help your lungs and  immune system during this Pandemic.

Walk in Balance – Elemental Power 

Balance and Walking is so helpful during this time  of Covid,  Learn how to connect and use the power of the elements for more solid skeletal balance and grace.  Each element provides healing and support for balance.  Feel more confident with your balance for lighter ease, fluidity in walking and healing for hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

This series along the the Deer Wisdom series has been gleaned from over 35 years of Feldenkrais and nature awareness study from knee, sacrum and back injury recovery to exploring lessons with walking, hiking and many other activities to improve balance.

Walk in Balance – Deer Wisdom 

So helpful for relaxed and balanced walking, hiking and running– something everyone is doing more of during Covid!  Learn special wisdom and expanded awareness from the deer, particularly useful for relaxed and balanced walking. Improve your balance for lighter ease and healing for hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

This series has gleaned from over 35 years of Feldenkrais and nature awareness study from knee, sacrum and back injury recovery to exploring lessons with walking, hiking and many other activities to improve balance.

Radiant Face – Flower Medicine 

An uplifting Facial for everyone.  Learn practical tools to open your heart and face based on the Feldenkrais Method®, Ayurveda, self-massage and nature awareness practices.  Connect with the healing essence of flowers to release tension, unnecessary effort in your face and radiate your unique inner beauty.  Sense deep peace and joy in connecting your heart and the medicine teaching of flowers.

Nourishing series for relief from chronic face and jaw tension, headache, clearing emotion and stress, pain relief and heart health.


Uplift Head & Neck Series: Courage & Encouragement

Photo by G.Plowmen, courtesy of Martha Jordan.

Excellent series for healing and recovery from chronic neck and head tension, whiplash, neck injury, postural issues and fatigue.
Also helpful to reduce emotional anxiety, depression and clear resistance to change.

Gather inspiration from the Geese how to hold your head high and move in harmony with others and within your environment.



Vital Back – Core Connection (4 Lessons)

Learn some of the best self-care tools to connect your core and how to listen to the natural world (and trees) for guidance in healing.  These lessons will help with gentle alignment and toning for your back. Gleaned from over 35 years of practice and research with clients and my own back injury recovery. Feel more connected to the power in your core with rooted support, flexibility and vitality.


Vital Breath- Rooted Power (4 Lessons)

Breathing Lessons to Strengthen Vital Energy, Power, Deep Relaxation and Grounding. Mind-Body practices using Feldenkrais, Yoga and Self-massage techniques to clear sinuses and build immune system. Particular helpful for COVID-19 and any illness.  


Clear Fear- Roots for Vitality (4-Part Series)

Learn many Mind-Body practices with Feldenkrais, Ayurveda and Nature Awareness  to quickly clear fear and anxiety from your body.  This will help you deeply relax and ground.  Very helpful for strengthening your immune system during COVID-19 and any stressful situation.


How to Speak about Your Work with Feldenkrais®- Marketing

3 Online Workshops in one package: (Marketing Strategies for Feldenkrais Practitioners & Students)

Giving a public talk can be one of the quickest ways to build your practice! These three marking workshops for Feldenkrais practitioners and students in Feldenkrais training programs are designed to boost your confidence and public speaking skills.  The first two workshops address learning how to engage a public audience with an “Introduction to What Is Feldenkrais®” public talk & demonstration.  This popular workshop got so much positive feedback we offered a 2nd one with all new material.  Register and receive access to two 90-minute video workshops including downloadable notes and sample public talk outline.  And for going deeper into marketing,  a third workshop on “How to Speak About Your Unique Feldenkrais® Practice” is 90-minute video  with Annie Thoe, GCFP, Assistant Trainer and Carrie Lafferty, PT, GCFP, Master Qi Gong Teacher   (click here for access to online workshops registration and for more details.)

Retreat: Vitalize in Nature


Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais & Nature Awareness Teacher has offered deep immersion with nature retreats to access transformative tools within your body and the natural world.  Whether it’s healing, growth and life direction you are seeking, a guided retreat in nature is deeply nourishing. Currently no retreats are scheduled, but send an email or sign-up for newsletter to be notified

*Currently Annie’s nature retreat schedule is on hold.  If you’d like to receive information on retreats, please sign up for Annie’s newsletter which will have updates.  For more information on past retreats or if you would like to host a retreat in your area, check out nature retreats:


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