Chipmunk Lessons – Supple Shoulders & Chest


Tuesdays LIVE online  – Supple Shoulders & Chest/Chipmunk Lessons
October 4th – 25th (Four weeks)
9 am PST (Seattle time), edited video recordings available if you miss a class.
$40 – 60 for series, $15-20 for individual class.

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Chipmunks are the smaller, spitfire members of the squirrel family (Sciuridae) that live closer to the ground and have remarkable energy, speed, flexibility and capacity to store food. Did you know chipmunks can carry the equivalent of bodyweight in their cheeks?! What a teacher for us all, especially in the fall season–and any time of year.

The lessons in this new Feldenkrais and Nature Awareness series will help:

  • Free up tension in shoulders, neck and chest
  • Improve flexibility in mind & entire body
  • Sharpen awareness & senses to guide you to nourishment
  • Gather and store vital energy 

We’ll also learn more about chipmunks– their behavior, gifts, and how to identify them from other similar squirrels and mammals. If you have difficulty planning, pacing yourself or sense scarcity in your life, this series will be helpful to connect with your body wisdom to sense better what nourishes you and how to store and conserve your energy.

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See you soon!

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