Deepen Rest, Sleep & Dreaming

December Feldenkrais Series – NEW! 

Recent Studies show that sleep may be one of the most important things we can do for health, vitality, memory, learning, weight loss, hormone balance and emotional serenity. Since last year’s Rest series, I have been practicing even more to improve sleep and rest and look forward to this series!

December 5th – 26th (4 classes)
Tuesdays 9am- 9:50am Pacific Time
Video recordings available if you miss a class.
$40 – 60 for series,
$15-20 for individual class.

Register now on Patreon Rockstar LIVE tier for current access and access my full library of past classes and CDs. You can downgrade Patreon membership anytime or shift to a free Patron follower anytime. If you prefer to pay directly for this series only, use the registration form below. 

This new series for improving Rest helps:

  • Improve rest and sleep to clear mind and body
  • Connect to your self-healing abilities and wisdom from nature
  • Problem-solving and creative juices, stoke your dreams!
  • Improve digestion, absorption and elimination
  • Emotional balance and serenity

We will continue to learn more lessons from many different species of animals as well as helpful meditation and healing practices of how to rest and calm our minds and bodies. Patreon members will have access to previous rest lessons as well.

During the winter season when many animals, plants, trees and other animals are slowing down, we will practice how to harmonize our mind and body with the season for rest and renewal, dreaming and preparation for the coming year.

If you prefer to register outside of the Patreon membership platform, please send payment of $40-$60 for 4 classes (sliding scale) or $15 individual class to either via Venmo, ApplePay, Zelle or use Paypal below.  You can mail a check to address: 6869 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Suite 114, Seattle, Wa 98115

Here’s the Paypal form:

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