Eagle Power: Coordinating Eyes and Feet

How does it feel to see like the eagle?  Join this new Feldenkrais & nature awareness series with lessons to connect vision with our feet for ease in walking and coordinated balance. Yes, Eyes and Feet! Without good eye and foot coordination, the eagle would go hungry. And so many of you have been requesting more attention to the feet.

  • Improve confidence with balance and walking
  • Sharpen vision – both distant and far
  • Improve coordination and timing of eyes, hands and feet
  • Clear nervous system for seeing with whole body

We will be learning more about the eagle– what is unique to this bird compared to other birds of prey and watching some cool video excerpts. Also, some reflection on why this bird is a cultural and spiritual icon not only to American citizens but indigenous people throughout the world.

Please register on Patreon for LIVE Online Class through Rockstar LIVE Tier at the $40 tier or you can register for access of the recordings at the basic Rockstar Tier of $25/month.  There are higher tier levels for couples and folks that can contribute more. It is easy to quit or change your tier level on Patreon at any time–all Rockstar levels give you full access to ALL my past series and CDs for the same price at the current series.

If you prefer to register outside of Patreon, please email me at annie@sensingvitality.com and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $40 or you can pay for class with Venmo or ApplePay.  If you request a sliding fee, let me know what you can afford and I’ll be happy to work with you.  I’d love to see you LIVE in class.

Thanks for joining this new series.  It’s going to be a time to soar high and work on smooth landings.

See you soon!



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