Inner & Outer Webs: Spider Wisdom

The spider is one of the most feared respected creatures — along with snakes and bats. They are also amazing! In this series, we’ll learn how to apply the movements and awareness from this unique 8-legged arthropod to our lives. Similar to the bat, the spider is extremely beneficial to our survival on the planet. If you have a phobia to spiders, I hope this series helps ease that fear.

This Feldenkrais & Nature online series will work with improving moving in any direction and open your connection to move from your pelvis and chest. Helpful for ease in hip joints, low back, getting up and down, and balance.

The silk web and the many eyes of the spider are beautiful metaphors for language, movement and connections.  As we explore the movements and world of the spider, be ready to expand your awareness and free up limitations with movement, imagination and dreaming.

Here’s a few benefits of the Spider Series:

  • Ease to move in any direction
  • Light movement and walking
  • Deepen your connection to environment- webs!
  • Expand vision
  • Free up imagination and connect with your dreams

Join me live online and have access to video recordings.

Spider Wisdom: 4 Class Feldenkrais & Nature Series – LIVE via Zoom
Tuesdays, Oct 5-26, 2021
9:00- 9:50am PST* & 4:30-5:20pm PST

Please sign in at least 5-10 minutes before class begins to get ready and for any special instructions/props needed before class.  

*NOTE this time change for first class is now 9am


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For this online Feldenkrais & Nature series, you’ll need a flat chair, a wall to work with, a place to lie on the floor.
– Bath towel or blanket you can fold for lying on your back, or chair

– Blanket on Floor, socks
– More to be revealed

  • $60 Sponsor Price
    $40 Suggested Price
    Or fill in what you can afford, can also pay by individual class
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