Online Class Series: Uplift Head & Neck

During this time of Pandemic, NEW Online Classes are designed for ultimate vitality and stronger self-reliance for your health.

Uplift Head & Neck Series – New Live Classes!

(Photo by Martha Jordan)

Movement lessons based on the Feldenkrais Method® and nature awareness for a lighter and uplifted head.  Clarity and ease with finding direction.  Move with harmony and connection with the natural world.  Draw courage and encouragement from the wisdom of the geese.  Geese are masters of survival in long, arduous journeys and cheer one another on. We will find how to renew ourselves amidst Covid-19 and how to hold our heads lighter with clarity of navigation.

Excellent series for recovery from chronic neck and head tension, whiplash, neck injury, postural issues and fatigue. Also helpful to reduce emotional anxiety, depression and clear resistance to change.

Register/Pay Below and receive online link
Pay $40 for 4 Class “Vital Back” Series 


Sliding Scale per Single Class from $15 to Free*, Suggested payment per class is $10.  If you cannot pay at this time, consider paying forward later for someone else in need– please email me so I can send you the zoom links.

Pay $15 per class

Pay $10 per class

Pay $5 per class  

Pay $1 per class
 or *Send me an email and I’ll send you information with access to this class*

Vital BACK Series

Begins May 12th for 4 weeks.  Register below.  Send me an email if you plan to pay a different way and let me know you are registering for VITAL BACK series.

Learn some of the best self-help tools I’ve gathered over the past 35 years of study (yep, I’m getting older!):  from Feldenkrais, mind-body practices, nature awareness and breath work.  A strong, resilient spine keeps us upright in challenging times. Spring– when the sap of trees are rising is a powerful time to work with one’s spine.  Trees are a major source of inspiration and guidance for my work and particularly with back injury or pain.  

  • Stability/rooted for balance
  • Vital energy and stamina
  • Letting tension go and letting things flow around you
  • Upright mind: connection to your higher perspective
  • Expanded connection with your body, environment and community

If you have a stiff back, chronic tension or back pain, back instability, depression and want stronger support in your life, this class is for you.

Supplies for Class:  Have a blanket to lie on floor, towel to fold for head, extra blanket or blanket roll for under knees,  Rock to fit in hand

These are gentle and relaxing lessons– designed for everyone, all ages and adaptable to most abilities. You can do these lessons at home with no special equipment or fitness required.  The movements and practices should be accessible for most people to do and helpful for those with injuries or chronic pain.  If you do not have a laptop, tablet or computer, you can join in via phone with video.

Register/Pay Below and receive recorded links
Pay $40 for 4 Class “Vital Back” Series 


You can pay via Paypal (credit card option in Paypal, too or can pay through Venmo Annie-Thoe or Zelle via email or by check to Annie Thoe, PO Box 75671, Seattle WA 98175.  If you have any trouble with payment please contact

Vital BREATH Series – 4 Recorded Classes

Learn breathing exercises and practices to charge your life force –for your organs, tissues and bones. We will draw from Feldenkrais Method® – Awareness Through Movement® lessons as well as work with a variety of mind/body healing, nature awareness and vital-power-building modalities.

This Vital Breath series with Annie Thoe is helpful to deeply relax your nervous systemstrengthen your immune system, heal injuries and chronic conditions, pain relief and building stronger energetic boundaries.  Learn simple ways to boost your vital field of your body and maintain balance.  You will need a flat chair, blanket roll, blanket and rock.

Class 1: Techniques to Clear Sinus, Nose Breathing, Strengthen Immune System
Class 2: More Clear Sinus & Throat with Humming and Alternate Nostril Breathing
Class 3: More Clear Sinus, Eyes, Ears, Throat and Chakras with Humming
Class 4: Open Ribs & Spine and Diaphragm with Humming, Using Rock for Opening Breathing.

Pay $40 for access to 4 Class “Vital Breath” Series

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