Raccoon Hands: Vital Touch

Raccoons are sometimes referred to as “Masked Bandits.” They are known for their dexterous hands and cleverness, often searching with their long fingers under murky water or in the dirt for food. As humans, our hands are one of our greatest gifts for developing a rich culture using tools, art, languages, music, science and healing.  

Wake up your hands with awareness to connect to the deepest parts of the brain and nervous system.  These lessons open creativity, relaxation, communication and ease of whole body movement.

Please join me May for a new Feldenkrais online class.

Feldenkrais ONLINE Tuesdays in May 2nd-23th (4 weeks)
9am-9:50am PST (check your timezone)
I’ve been fortunate to have many interactions with raccoons over the years, including spending time with my cousin’s pet raccoon when I was young. These lessons will help enliven your hands for dexterity, sensitivity and ease as well as how to use your hands for self-healing. A pliable and relaxed hand often indicates a clear and open mind.
Benefits of this series:
  • Relax Hands, Face and Feet
  • Deep Relaxation 
  • Move whole body freely and fluidly
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Connect with self-healing
I’m excited to learn from the raccoons as our mentors in this series and look forward to connecting with you.

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