Radiant Face – Flower Medicine

During this time of Pandemic, NEW Online Classes are designed for ultimate vitality and stronger self-reliance for your health.

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Radiant Face – Flower Medicine Series:

Very nourishing and relaxing lessons during this Covid/high stress time. This series will be also helpful for self-expression and self-esteem. Flower medicine opens the heart to appreciating/loving our unique selves– our strongest defense with fear and also for immunity from disease.

Learn practical tools to open your heart and face based on the Feldenkrais Method®, Ayurveda, self-massage and nature awareness practices.  Connect with the healing essence of flowers to release tension, unnecessary effort in your face and radiate your unique inner beauty.  Sense deep peace and joy in connecting your heart and the medicine teaching of flowers.

Nourishing series for relief from chronic face and jaw tension, headache, clearing emotion and stress, pain relief and heart health.

The first 30 minutes of class is uninterrupted lesson time, the 2nd half is Q&A with bonus lesson material

You’ll need a flat chair, a place to lie on the floor, possibly a wall for wall lesson
– Bath towel or blanket you can fold for lying on your back
– Blanket on Floor

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