How to buy Annie’s Feldenkrais CDs

Please go to Amazon or iTunes and search for Digital Music Annie Thoe – be sure to buy the entire album, not just a track. I have 39 full albums in 6 categories: Balance, Breathing, Head & Neck, Shoulders, Low Back and Vision. Here’s the 1st six albums- click on the photo and will take you to Amazon.  Thanks for purchasing!

other great products I love:

Myotape for improving nose breathing and rest during sleep. Wow, Really fabulous effects!  Annie endorse’s this product sold by OxygenAdvantage (use my link here) to increase nose breathing during sleep. I’ve used this and recommend to clients for simple and effect product to help with deeper and uninterrupted sleep, reduce snoring, improve energy and many other positive effects including producing more nitrous oxide to help your immune system.  Allergy, scent free and gentle. You can still open your mouth, talk, breathe through mouth but the tape encourages you to keep lips together to breathe through your nose.  Click the photo and will take you to their page & store.





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