Walk in Balance – Deer Wisdom Series

4 Class Series  – past recordings through Patreon site

Walk in Balance-Deer Wisdom:

So helpful for relaxed and balanced walking, hiking and running– something everyone is doing more of during Covid!  Learn special wisdom and expanded awareness from the deer, particularly useful for relaxed and balanced walking. Improve your balance for lighter ease and healing for hips, knees, ankles and feet. 

These practical lessons and practices are based on the Feldenkrais Method®, Ayurveda and nature awareness for:

– Lighter, more elegant with your walking
– Agility over uneven terrain
– Improve balance and grounded confidence with feet
– Deeply quiet nervous system after stressful incidents
– Effective tools for knee, hip and ankle injury/pain

This series has gleaned from over 35 years of Feldenkrais and nature awareness study from knee, sacrum and back injury recovery to exploring lessons with walking, hiking and many other activities to improve balance.

The class has first 30 minutes of class is uninterrupted lesson time, the 2nd half is Q&A with bonus lesson material.

You’ll need a flat chair, a place to lie on the floor, possibly a wall for wall lesson
– Bath towel or blanket you can fold for lying on your back
– Blanket on Floor
– A fairly smooth rock (2 lbs or so) that fits in your hand (and under foot) – doesn’t need to be round.

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